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Flags (Telescopic, Arc, Fin, Wing)

Flags (Telescopic, Arc, Fin, Wing)

Available Sizes:

  • Telescopic, Arc & Fin: 2m X .600m
  • Telescopic, Arc & Fin: 3m X .600m
  • Telescopic, Arc & Fin: 4.5m X .700m
  • Wing Flag: 2.8m X .890m
  • Wing Flag: 4.1m X .960m

All flags are available as double sided

Gazebo Specifications:

  • Dye-sublimation printing with UV Japanese ink.
  • Full Aluminium pole set. (No plastic or Carbon Fibre)
  • Fabric: Polyknit
  • All flags come with a branded flag, pole set, ground spike and a 600D carry bag.
  • Flag prices are per unit but packed 2 units in a 600D bag.
  • All flags sold in EVEN numbers